Zaporizhzhia airport resumption of work is scheduled on October 22, 2019

Zaporizhzhia Airport will open its gates to aircrafts on October 22, 2019. The planned works have been conducted in timely manner, although during the works the concrete slabs originated from 1950s were found under the removed surfaces.

In order to perform quality repair works of the runway the constructors had to execute additional milling works. Moreover it was decided to “cut” additional expansion joints on the new runway surface. As a result the new surface will be more temperature resistant in winter and summer.

“Today the contractor fulfills its obligations. The planned construction works will be completed in a timely manner. However due to additional works it was decided that the airport will resume it work on October 22, 2019”, the chief engineer of the utility enterprise “Zaporizhzhia International Airport” Oleksandr Seliukov said.