From 15 June Zaporizhzhia Airport resumes its operation. To ensure maximum protection of passengers and staff members, we have established additional safety precautions. They are based on the recommendations of the European Aviation Safety Agency and the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine and aimed at minimizing the risks of the spread of COVID-19. Please observe them without exception, so that flights are comfortable for you, other passengers, and the airport staff.
Before departure

  1. Read your airline’s rules and guidelines.
  2. If you plan to travel with an animal, please check with your airline additionally.
  3. Make sure you have a sufficient amount of individual protection gear taking into account the time spent at the airport and on the plane (1 mask is intended to last 3 hours unless otherwise stated in the instructions).
  4. Arrive at the airport in advance for additional checks and preflight procedures.


At the airport

  1. On entering the terminal, you will have your temperature measured and be subject to external health evaluation. Passengers with the temperature upwards of 38 °C and/or signs of acute respiratory viral infection (cough, dyspnea, runny nose) will not be allowed into the terminal building.
  2. Wear masks. Passengers without personal protective gear will not be admitted to the terminal. Exceptions are children under two years of age and people who cannot wear masks for medical reasons (you must have the medical certificate with you).
  3. Access to the airport terminal for escorts is temporarily restricted. Only children and passengers who need assistance can be escorted.


Safety precautions for everyone

  1. Maintain a social distance of 1.5 metres. Do not create queues at the airport, when boarding, and in the cabin.
  2. Minimize your contacts with surfaces. Scan your boarding pass by yourself before security control. At security checkpoints, present your passport unfolded without a cover. Use a contactless payment method.
  3. Keep your hands clean: wash them regularly and thoroughly or treat them with antiseptic.
  4. Observe breathing etiquette: cough and sneeze into the crease of your elbow.


Special airport precautions

  1. The terminal and buses are regularly cleaned with disinfectants. The surfaces and equipment, with which passengers and employees come in contact most often, are cleaned with particular care.
  2. There are special markings in the crowded areas to help you maintain a social distance (1.5 metres).
  3. Check-in areas and gates are equipped with additional safety screens.
  4. All of the terminal areas are equipped with sanitizers.
  5. In all of the airport areas, there is a sufficient number of special rubbish bins for the disposal of the used protection gear.
  6. In the terminal halls, you can get familiar with the key safety precautions: we have prepared information posters and regularly remind you of the rules through voice announcements.
  7. The airport staff is provided with the necessary individual protection gear.
  8. All of the employees undergo temperature screening and initial medical checks before their shift begins.