Zaporizhzhia Airport hits another records.

Zaporizhzhia Airport set a new record in August. Over 52 thousand passengers in one month passed through the air gateway of Zaporizhzhia airport. Moreover the growth of indicators is 35.5% in comparison with the last year. The largest share of passengers, namely 42 thousand, is comprised of international flights (increase by 36%) and 10.5 thousand passengers are from domestic flights (increase by 32.5%).

The overall quantity of passengers shows vigorous grow mostly due to international flights. During the last 8 months of the current year Zaporizhzhia airport provided services for more than 330 thousand passengers which is 28 % more than in previous year. Thus 256 thousand passengers were transported on international airlines, and 78.5 thousand on domestic airlines, which gives the augmentation in 29.5 % and 23.6% correspondently.