Zaporizhzhia airport crossed the border of 400 thousand passengers a year

In 2018, Zaporizhzhia Airport crossed the border of 400 thousand passengers servicing 400 326 people. This indicator has been reached by the airport for the first time in more than 25 years. On international flights, 305,333 people were served, and on domestic flights – 94,993. During 2018, 3,260 sorties were made from the airport. A significant increase in passenger traffic has been observed in the last few years, in 2018 it has increased by another 15% compared with 2017.

The most popular destinations in 2018 were traditionally holiday destinations such as Istanbul, Sharm el-Sheikh and Antalya. Also, the Zaporizhzhia-Warsaw-Zaporizhzhia route, operated by one of the largest European airlines, the LOT airline, with which, incidentally, Zaporizhzhia airport also began to cooperate last year, was in great demand.
In the last month of 2018, almost 31,000 passengers took advantage of the airport’s services, 22,831 people on international flights lines and 7,993 on domestic flights. There were also 226 sorties, 125 on international airlines and 111 on domestic ones.