The Zaporizhzhia Airport is constantly improving its work with passengers and implementing modern technologies

The Zaporizhzhia Airport starts operating the electronic baggage and passenger check-in system. It will significantly speed up the passenger servicing when checking in and eliminate the need to waste time in queues. CREWS CUPPS software, developed by RESA, drastically simplifies this process. Now passengers can get an electronic boarding pass by themselves and in advance without printing a paper copy of it. After that a passenger just has to check in his/her baggage, if any. An electronic boarding pass, as well as its paper copy, contains all the information about a seat in an airplane, flight number and other passenger flight-related information. One more surprise for passengers is the ability to use the Fast Track program, which will speed up the boarding process.

Thanks to the innovations introduced, the Zaporizhzhia Airport has moved to a new level of customer service and has become one step closer to the quality standards of the European airports. What is important is that almost all airline partners of the Zaporizhzhia Airport, namely UIA, LOT, Turkish Airlines, Motor Sich, SkyUp, Pegasus, Atlas Global, AzurAir, WindRose, YanAir, Bravo Airways, Anda Air, use a new system. We pay your attention to the fact that each airline has its own rules and check-in requirements; that is why we ask you to get familiar with them in advance in order to plan your journey.