If you are planning to take your pets with you, please, read the information about the special rules:

  1. While booking a flight, passengers should get a permission from the carrier to transport pets. Some airline companies allow transportation of pets only in the cabin, which leads to limitations of their size and weight. If a carrier allows transportation of big pets, they are placed in big heated luggage bays of the aircraft.
  2. Passengers should make sure that pets have all the necessary vaccinations, a full set of documents in compliance with the legislation of the destination country. The pet should be carried in a special box. When departing, passengers shall go through customs control through Red Corridor and fill in a customs declaration for the pet.
  3. Transportation of pets is charged irrespective of their size and weight. Having obtained a permission from the carrier, passengers should pay a special fee. The only exception is service dogs and dogs accompanying people with visual impairments, irrespective of their size – they are transported in the cabin free of charge.