Security and Safety of Flights

Passengers departing from Zaporizhzhia International Airport must undergo security check procedures before proceeding to landing zone. Security check is carried out in order to ensure safety of international and domestic flights. All passengers are subject to security check (including in-transit and transfer passengers), as well as their hand luggage, luggage, and all personal belongings.

In order to facilitate and speed up the procedure passengers should prepare their passports and boarding passes in advance, remove all

metal items from their clothes and present all big electronic devices prior to entering security check area.

Passengers who failed security check or did not lodge hand luggage, luggage and other personal belongings will be

denied boarding.

Passengers should have no prohibited items in their hand luggage:

liquids, aerosols in amounts over 100 ml

cutting and stabbing objects

weapons, explosives, flares and substances for fireworks

butane for lighters, lighter fluid, gas bottles

bleaching substances

poisonous substances

radioactive substances

lithium batteries, mercury, acids

magnetic substances and other dangerous substances.

Passengers are allowed to transport liquid child nutrition and medicines not exceeding 100 ml in volume and in

amount sufficient to consume during the flight. Other liquids over 100 ml in volume must be kept in a clear plastic bag, not exceeding 1 litre of total volume.

Objects and substances, that passengers and crew may not transport in the cabin, but are allowed to transport as cargo:

Firearms (including hunting, sport arms), air guns, gas weapons, blade weapons and items resembling them, cartridges and spare parts, as well as training, antique, souvenir weapon, replica firearms in case a person or a legal entity has a special permit to store, carry and use such arms, rifles and guns for underwater hunting. Transportation of weapons is regulated by an instruction issued by executive transport authorities.

Pointed and edged objects, including:

Manicure scissors;

Needles for injections;

Knitting needles;

Metal butter knives;


Devices and toys imitating weapons;

Gun-shaped lighters, any other kind of weapon; blunt items which can be used to cause injuries.

Transporting liquids

Passengers are allowed to transport liquids, gels, and aerosols in a separate plastic package in amount not exceeding 100 ml as hand luggage.

Also, items bought in Duty Free shops are allowed on-board in case they are packed in plastic bags with receipts attached to them. In case of damaged plastic bags these items will be denied transportation.

Liquids over 100 ml in volume, that are prohibited to transport as hand luggage:

water and other beverages, soups, syrups;

creams, lotions, oils;



gels, including shower gels and hair gels;

substances in pressurized containers, including shaving foam, other foams and deodorants;

pastes, including toothpaste;

mixtures of liquid and solid substances;


any other substances of the kind.

Passengers are allowed to transport:

as part of checked luggage – liquids;

as part of hand luggage – medicines and nutritional dietary supplements, including food for children necessary and sufficient to be used during the flight.

The carriers are in charge of luggage and its safety. The luggage should be labelled with a tag and registered. Passengers

are advised to indicate their family name, address, phone number on a luggage tag.