Prerequisites for no-visa entry for citizens of Ukraine

Visa-free entry regime between Ukraine and EU allows citizens of Ukraine to cross inter-state borders of EU countries freely without prior applying to the Embassy for obtaining a permit as of June 11, 2017.

Upon introduction of visa-free regime citizens of Ukraine can travel to signatory countries of Schengen Agreement without necessity to obtain entry visas to the destination country.

Visa-free entry allows short-term stay in EU countries (except for Great Britain and Northern Ireland) and other

signatory countries of Schengen Agreement for a period of up to 90 days during 180 day-period.

In case of longer stay in EU, a person needs to obtain a visa.

Visa-free entry does not allow citizens of Ukraine to reside permanently, to study or get employment in EU. Violation of the terms of stay in EU results in denial of entrance.

What should one have in order to travel to Schengen zone?

In order to travel freely to EU countries citizens of Ukraine shall possess biometric passport for travelling abroad.

In addition, they should have documents confirming purpose and place of stay, availability of sufficient financial provision for the whole period of stay. Citizens possessing valid non-biometric passport for travelling abroad can enter EU countries provided they have a valid Schengen visa.

Who can travel to EU countries without a visa? 

Any Ukrainian citizen, except for those who:

  • Are on a list of persons who endanger social order, health or internal safety;
  • Are on a list of persons, who is denied entry to at least one EU country;
  • Are sentenced in any country of Schengen area or any EU country for crimes leading up to 1 year of imprisonment;
  • Are subjects to deportation from a host country in case of illegal migration and stay;
  • Are involved into criminal activities;
  • Do not have all the necessary documents for border crossing.

What does visa-free regime give to Ukrainians?

  • It brings positive changes for Ukrainian citizens upon introduction of visa-free entry for short-term trips (up to 90 days during 6 month-period) to Schengen area, in case they have a biometric passport.
  • It ensures mobility between Ukraine and EU and simplifies current complicated procedures of visa arrangements.
  • It boosts business networks development necessary for efficient operation of free-trade zone with EU, as well as cooperation in economic, political, scientific, cultural and other spheres.
  • It contributes to successful integration of Ukraine into European Community.
  • It gives an opportunity to see what is Europe, what are European principles and values.