New terminal of the Zaporizhzhia International Airport

Construction work at the new terminal of the Zaporizhzhia International Airport was completed in December 2019. After that, the commissioning period began, equipment adjustment, and other preparatory work.

The process of state certification was also lengthy. Preparation of documents, verification by various government agencies. Only on October 16, 2020, the certificate was finally received and on October 19, the terminal will start working!

The construction of a new passenger terminal is part of the city program for the development of the Zaporizhzhia International Airport. It was developed on the initiative Mayor of the city Volodymyr Buryak. The implementation of the program began in 2016. Its goal was not only to preserve the international airport in Zaporizhzhia, which was under the threat of closure, but also to promote development, increase profits and the number of passengers, and open new flights. Residents of the city and residents of neighboring regions should have been able to fly to other countries cheaply and in comfortable conditions. Now we can rightfully say that the result has been achieved.

The construction and start of operation of the new passenger terminal is an important stage in the implementation of the program.

For several years, in addition to a new modern terminal, the city has received a new road to the airport, the runway has been repaired, and the airport equipment is being updated. A bus route has been opened with large buses from the airport to the city center.