Indicators of production activity of Communal enterprise “Zaporizhzhia International Airport” for the first quarter of 2019 year

In the first quarter of 2019, Zaporizhzhia Airport shows an increase in all production indicators compared to the first quarter of last year. In total, 96624 passengers used the services of the Zaporizhzhia airport for a period of three months, which is 17% more than last year, when 82687 passengers were served for the same period of time. On international flights, the increase amounted to 19.24% (69787 passengers), and on long-distance flights – 11.08% (26856 passengers). The number of flights increased by 1% from 715 to 722.

In March this year, passenger traffic growth was also recorded in comparison with last year. In particular, on international flights it made 17.04% (25326 passengers served), and on the domestic ones – 18.37% (10475 passengers served). Total increase is 17.43% (35,801 passengers). The number of flights increased by almost 3% from 267 to 274.