Indicators of production activity of Communal enterprise “Zaporizhzhia International Airport” for ten months of 2018 year

During the ten months of this year, the airport continues to show a stable dynamics of passenger traffic growth. Since January this year, the airport has served 336 331 passengers, which is almost 17% more than in 2017. On international flights, 257,388 passengers were served (+ 19.36% compared to last year), while on domestic ones – 78,943 thousand (+ 8.4%). From the beginning of the year 2 747 sorties were made from the Zaporizhzhia airfield. This is 15% more than last year.

In October 2018 there was a slight increase in the total passenger traffic, within two percent, compared with the same period last year. In particular, on international airlines 30 733 passengers were transported, and on domestic flights – 8 048. The number of airplanes was 313, which is 3% more than last year. Thus, there is a tendency to increase the passenger traffic after its decrease in the previous two months.