Aviation history is told to children at the Zaporizhzhia Airport

The Zaporizhzhia Airport has warmly welcomed boarders of the municipal institution “Zaporizhzhia Special General Education Dzherelo Boarding School”. As many as 70 boarders have arrived at the airport to look at the airplanes, to listen to the aviation history and to find out how the airport works. They have had an opportunity to come on board a plane and even sit in the pilot’s seat.
For some children visiting the Zaporizhzhia Airport has become the first step towards fulfilling their dream to become a pilot or a flight attendant. Moreover, children have got familiar with the flying safety rules and the role of each crew member. It is noteworthy that the airport constantly conducts such excursions, which are joined in not only by children form the Zaporizhzhia Oblast, but also by a large number of children from other regions.