A number of flights has grown at the Zaporizhzhia airport

Over the last month a number of flights at the Zaporizhzhia airport has grown when compared to July of the previous year and is 345 sorties, which is 6.5% higher, than in the previous year. At the same time passenger traffic has decreased by 0.23%, which is caused by the use of airplanes with a less capacity by airlines on domestic flights, while passenger traffic on international flights has grown by 2.9%. In general, 45156 passengers were transported in July 2018, while in 2017 this number was 45258.

For the last seven months the airport has been showing a stable growth of passenger traffic when compared to the previous year. In total the airport served 222798 passengers during the period January – July, which is 36.1% more, than in the previous year. International flights demonstrate the highest growth – by 38.1% (167117 passengers transported). Domestic flights transported 55681 passengers (growth by 30.6%). The airport served 1820 flights (25.2% more than in the previous year).